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Sunshine Growers is a family of wholesale nurseries that sells Quality Plant Material to the Public…

Toll Free
(866) 923-7277

(909) 923-7277
13130 S. Milliken/Hammer
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(951) 736-6000
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(909) 797-9210
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Southland Sod - Genuine Marathon Picked up Off Lot Prices

Let us help you select the right sod for your landscaping application.

Sod Delivered to Job Site / Home

We carry only Southland Brand Sod…. Fresh sod may be picked up off the lot Tuesdays – Saturday during regular business hours. Sod is available on a first come basis.

Off-the-lot Sod Prices

MARA LITE-8sq.ft. per roll

.71 SQ.FT.
.72 SQ.FT.
.78 SQ.FT.
.90 SQ.FT.
1.40 SQ.FT.
.71 SQ.FT.
.81 SQ FT.

$3.55 PER 5 SQ FT ROLL
$3.60 PER 5 SQ FT ROLL
$3.90 PER 5 SQ FT ROLL
$7.20 PER 8 SQ FT ROLL
$7.00 PER 5 SQ FT ROLL
$3.55 PER 5 SQ FT ROLL
$4.05 PER 5 SQ FT ROLL

Delivery on sod is made Tuesday thru Saturday before NOON.
1000 square feet or more FREE DELIVERY-MINIMUM 200 SQ FT FOR DELIVERY
Under 1000 sq ft there will be a delivery charge. 200 sq ft- 495 sq ft $75.00 Delivery
500 sq ft-995 sq ft $50.00 Delivery
Sod must be Paid in Full in Advance of Delivery of Sod. NO EXCEPTIONS

Watering New Marathon Sod - (Dry Regions)

1. Water sod lightly after each 200 square feet are installed, to prevent wilting.
2. After all the sod is down and rolled, turn on your sprinklers and let them run until sod

Is good and soaked.
3. To keep it that way:

  • During the first week water once every three hours at 7AM, 11AM and 2PM.
  • During the second week water twice a day at 7AM and 2PM.
  • During the third week water at 7AM.
  • Eventually taper back to once everyday.
    Adjust according to weather and season – water more frequently during warm or windy
    Weather. After your lawn has become established (approximately 6 to 8 weeks),

  • Marathon Sod Click to enlargeMarathon Sod Click to enlarge

    Which of our sods is best for you?
    Click Image To Enlarge

    Water According to to the following guidelines:

  • As infrequently as possible (once or twice a week in the cooler months, three or more times per week in warmer months), to maintain a healthy green condition.
  • For as long as possible to get deep soil penetration (10 to 15 minutes). It may be necessary to cycle irrigate if runoff occurs after a short time. Water until runoff occurs, then stop and wait for the water to penetrate ( about an hour ) then repeat.
  • Water as early as possible between 7AM and 10 AM.
  • DO NOT water areas in the shade as frequently as areas of lawn that receive full sun.
  • In addition, be sure to watch for blue-gray tint and limp areas of your lawn. This is not Fungus. It is caused by dehydrationand is an indication that immediate watering is needed. This usually occurs on tops of mounds and where sprinkler coverage is not adequate. (It is acceptable to water grass in the full sun, it will not burn the blades).

  •   1 lb 5 lb 25 lb
    Marathon Grass Seed   
    MARA I 6.99 31.99 119.99
    MARA II 7.99 33.99 139.99
    MARA III 8.99 35.99 159.99
      Per lb  50 lb  
    Bulk Seed   
    SUNSHINE 2.99 144.99  
    RED FESCUE 3.99 159.99  
    SHADY MIX 4.25 199.99  
     Variety  Cost
     MARATHON I .59 per sq foot
     MARATHON II .61 per sq foot
     MARATHON III .64 per sq foot
     MARATHON LITE .78 per sq foot
    (comes in 8 sq.ft roll)


    .59 per sq foot
     ST AUGUSTINE 1.20 per sq foot
     KOREAN GRASS 4.95  per sq foot
     GREEN WAVE .68 per sq foot

    *Excludes sod, soil, pottery, drygoods and plant material on sale can not be included in total for discount.

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